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We are dedicated to maintaining a differential advantage over other training and development companies by providing visionary methods of leadership, a commitment to continual improvement, and belief in the abilities of our people. We have a strong commitment to company growth through ongoing development of new programs and strategies. We grow by helping you to grow!

The rewards from embracing and utilizing these new ideologies are evident throughout our organization. For our company to succeed, there must be a sense of direction, self-confidence, and self-motivation, to serve our clients in a superior and reliable manner. Such efforts provide tangible and intangible rewards. These rewards generate an esprit de corps which binds the efforts of our team together.

We believe that our good name and our unyielding commitment to providing quality services are the most valuable assets we possess. By maintaining our devotion to these values, we enhance our capabilities to meet our client's particular needs. The environment of the next few years will be filled with new challenges and rewards. We pledge to our customers we will use all resources available to ensure they are able to meet the new economic age of world wide competition head-on with products and services they can trust.

The Training Solutions Team

Three people make up the primary team. The following information is an overview of each person's position, responsibilities, and qualifications.

John McMillian
Senior Facilitator
Research, development of workshops, and quality management consulting represent John's primary roles. Additionally, he is involved in the recruitment and training of workshop facilitators and creation of general policy and strategy. His over twenty five years of professional experience includes many different areas in the field of managing people and resources. John brings vast experience to our organization. His relevant experiences include almost seven years on active duty with the United States Air Force. During an overseas tour; as Assistant Chief of Transportation, Anderson AFB, Guam; he provided leadership in the frequent coordination of the efforts of local custom officers to ensure the timely movement of household goods and other critical material. With extensive leadership experience, he brings qualifications in team building, quality management, internet commerce, and customer service. Additionally, John has more than seventeen years experience as an Assistant Professor of Management at Tusculum College.

Dennis Carey
Training Facilitator
Dennis uses humor to drive home points about customer experience, personal success, and motivation. According to Dennis, "In my chosen field, and throughout my life, I've found that there's nothing purer than a belly laugh. Nothing quite sums up the human condition like a shot of information and a laughter chaser to wash it down."

Carrie Fair
Marketing and Audio/Visual Production
Carrie brings to the team extensive experience in the areas of event and meeting planning, training management, and customer service. While her primary focus is on marketing and research, she also plays a vital roll in the audio and video production.

John Q. McMillian, Sr.
Mr. McMillian's responsibilities included: market planning, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, merchandizing and facilitating team services. An added focus was identifying new markets, corporate strategy, and market research.

Mr. McMillian had over fifty years of professional experience, including over forty-three of service with South Central Bell. He had additional experience in sales and sales management.

As co-founder of Training Solutions, Mr. McMillian's humor leadership, and dedication was an inspiration to all who knew him.

This primary team has over seventy years of business management, team leadership, and customer service experience. The strength of our team stems from the combined expertise in both management and technical areas. This has produced outstanding results. The unique characteristics of the team have resulted in broad and flexible goal setting - necessary to meet the ever changing demand of our quickly moving marketplace. This is evident when the team responds to situations requiring new and innovative capabilities.

In their long range plans, the leadership team recognizes that additional team members will be required to properly support new efforts in marketing, sales, research, and support functions. For example, in the near future, we will offer specialized software applications including SPC, inventory control, and management decision assistance programs. Additional people will be brought on board as the impact of these projects is felt. As unique needs arise, special services will be acquired on a temporary basis.

Our Commitment Is To You

We are committed to building a long term working relationship with you and we pledge to provide you with prompt service that is responsive to your particular needs, coupled with exceptional quality.

With Training Solutions of Tennessee, you will reap the multiple benefits of:

  • lower training costs
  • increased productivity
  • better utilization of your resources
  • highest quality services and products

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that Training Solutions of Tennessee, as a whole, is only as strong as its weakest link. Each member of our organization has made a solemn commitment to client satisfaction. The demands are rigorous and our client's expectations are great. However, we feel the gratification is proportional to the commitment and often translates into a lifelong career of professional esteem and achievement.

Our Quality Statement

It is the policy of Training Solutions of Tennessee, to understand and meet our customer's specific needs, to determine what tasks are required of each individual to meet these needs, and to perform each task to the very best of our ability.

Thank you for your interest in our services!

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