Customized Computer Based Training!
Training delivery via CD ROM, internet, or company intranet.

Interactive, self-paced, multimedia training programs are destined to replace lectures and text books as the primary tools for industrial training. People learn best when they are motivated by informative material presented in an interesting and challenging manner. The self-directed approach to learning encourages people to become life-long learners rather than the passive recipients of information. We offer a variety of custom developed workshops. Any of our programs (or your programs) can be customized for delivery via CD ROM, the internet, or company intranet!

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Our "GATE" multimedia training approach develops each self-paced module around the following concepts:

The desired behavioral learning goals of the module are clearly presented.

Information is presented in a variety of formats including: video, audio, text, and interactive learner participation.

Specific skills and knowledge are internalized by the learner.

Progress is evaluated in a non-threatening environment.

Computer Based Training (CBT) is the ideal solution for:

Employee Orientation
Safety Training
Evaluation and Testing
Interactive Presentations
Self-Paced Tutorials
Sales and Service Training
Benefits Orientation
Product Training
Process Instruction

We offer a "turnkey" service. We can scan pictures and text (for OCR), digitize and edit video tape (including adding special effects), product and copy the final product to CD for distribution. Let us transform your training and orientation material into an interactive, self-paced, multimedia CD format! These programs can include video segments, voice over, charts, graphs, quizzes (with links back to the correct answer), and many more features!

We can also produce streaming video to meet your internet/intranet training needs.

"I just wanted to say it was very amusing, CBT is the best way of learning fast and effective, in my opinion. So, well done and thanx for all your help!"
Evelien Winter
Communication Management
The Netherlands

Click here to Download A CBT Demonstration!

The name of the 2.4 meg file is First, unzip the file. Then, in EXPLORER, click on SETUP. The program will ask a few installation questions and then install the program on your hard drive, create a program folder, and launch the Guided Tour. You may also call 1.888.446.2572 and request a longer, more detailed demonstration on CD ROM.

Thank you for your interest in our services!

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